Highlights of Traditional Thai House Design

Each country has its own unique home style that defines its culture and beliefs. Take for example the artistic yet versatile dwellings in the Land of Smiles. If you want to adapt their concepts to your own estate, get to know what elements are included in the traditional design of houses in this nation. 

Elevated floor

Most of their old houses are perched on sturdy posts so as to prevent the entry of flood water during the rainy days. Moreover, the elevation also helps in bringing in more air during the hot season. Nowadays, some people are still following this concept. However, instead of wooden floorings, tiles and other modern materials are now utilised for the surfaces to accent the beauty of the interiors.

Pitched roof

Long overhangs are common so as to protect residences from direct sunlight and rain. During these times, this style is still used by property owners for the same purpose. These can also provide an aesthetic appeal to your home especially when it is given a Western twist.

Open terrace

Because of the humid climate in the country, a more expanded and airier outdoor area is needed. According to studies, this area comprises about 40% of the whole property. Complementing the uninterrupted flow of wind coming from outside are huge windows that are lined along each side of the house. Modern structures still use this style but usually combine it with minimalist and contemporary designs to make the traditional interiors look more stunning.

Decorative elements

Panels are usually the subject for embellishments. You can find intricate carvings on wooden boards in several places around the residence.

All in all, homes in Thailand are created with the aim to make a harmonious design, from the roof down to the floors.

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