All About Thai Garden Ideas

The outdoor area of your residence is the first place that passers-by and guests see. Thus, it is important for homeowners to take efforts to make it look more stunning. There are various ways for you to accomplish this. But before you renovate your lawn, you first need to assess the type of design you want for your surroundings.

If you wish to have a relaxing and aromatic yard, then a Thai garden would be suitable for you. These are some of the plants that you should include in your landscape.

  • Herbs – Lemongrass, which is used mainly in almost all their dishes, must be seen in all corners of the property. Aside from having a ready supply for your sumptuous meals, you can also take advantage of the sweet smell that it gives off especially during the night. The Bai horapa is another plant that must be present in your plots. You can place them around the lemongrass so as to gain contrast.
  • Trees – The Kaffir lime is best planted in your yard if you want to bake fish cakes and soups. Its unique leaves are very distinct because of their doubled appearance. Moreover, huge mango trees could complement the beauty of your garden. Their bulky leaves can provide enough shade if you would want to relax outside your home.
  • Spices – To complete the list, chilli peppers must be added to your landscape. With these, you can immediately turn your ordinary food into tastier recipes. Also, the red, yellow, and orange colours of the peppers can neutralise and add an interesting touch to the green background.

After picking up these landscaping ideas, you might be more interested to discover what other blossoms, trees, and shrubs are used in a Thai home. Or maybe you just want to reward yourself after working so hard on beautifying your property. Hit two birds with one stone by planning a trip to the Land of Smiles and booking your villa through this website.


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