Discovering the Treasures of Phuket During Your Holiday

Often, it is not enough to simply watch and listen to other people give you a full, exciting recount of their travel adventures. Wouldn't it be nice to have an opportunity to experience it first-hand for yourself? So, when given the chance, you would be the one telling the story instead of just fantasising about it. But which country should you visit to create amazing tales of your own vacation? Well, why not start in Thailand, specifically in the island of Phuket? What would you love in this heavenly place?

  • The Culture

It is known as the melting pot of Buddhists, with Thai-Chinese, Muslims, and even sea gypsies thrown in the mix. In the provincial town, you will find Peranakans (Phuket Babas) who constitute a fair share of the Chinese community. Outside of it, you will be able to meet rural folks with a thick Southern dialect that is even difficult for other Thais to understand.

  • The Climate

It is generally hot and sunny all year round, making it a perfect destination for a summer getaway even at the height of winter in your home town. The months of May to October, however, is considered by the locals as cool, which means that the weather will be quite tolerable. In what is known to be the summer season, days are usually sunny and clear, but evenings tend to be rainy and wet.

  • The Beaches

You will find not just one, but more than ten of these amazing coasts, not to mention those found in neighbouring islands. Some of the most notable are: Bang Tao, which features a long stretch of sand and quiet atmosphere; Ao Chalong, which is home to the popular yacht anchorage in the island' and Patong Beach, which is renowned for its vibrant nightlife.

Moreover, it is where you will find Villa Zamani, a luxury villa built on the mountains overlooking the famous Surin Beach. With this kind of accommodation, your visit to Phuket is guaranteed to be a story worth telling. So, start making your holiday plans right away!


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