Shopping Cleverly in Thailand

Formerly known as Siam, this country has been considered as a bargain hunter's haven. You can find a lot of rare finds here, some of which can only be found in the country. If you happen to be in the region, here are some of the items you can purchase at great deals:

  1. Antiques
  2. Generally, this means any merchandise designed in a traditional or ancient style. The genuine ones - items more than a 100 years old - need special permission to be shipped out of the country. When it comes to these types of products though, dealers usually drive hard bargains. Ideally, if the seller insists on an unreasonably high price, then you should request to see the export permit from the Department of Fine Arts. In case the merchant says he or she will provide a letter saying the piece is a duplicate, then you should leave the store altogether. With regards to genuine antiques, do not be afraid to negotiate for prices up to less than half the original rates. Rest assured, this is the quickest way for sellers to change their minds if you are insistent enough.

  3. Wood Carvings
  4. You can find a lot of masterpieces for this art style in Thailand. In the north, for instance, you can find shops selling intricate wooden furniture pieces such as chairs, tables, and benches. Additionally, you may find decorative items that are handmade from this material. You do not have to worry about carrying large merchandise home since there are stores willing to deliver these goods straight to where you are staying.

  5. Lacquerware
  6. This craft has been around for a long time and has improved throughout the ages. Some of the most unique items are those inlaid with mother-of-pearl and black lacquer. Nowadays though, there are products combined with bright metallic finishes. You can find these kinds of merchandise at souvenir shops, thrift stores, and street markets.

  7. Bags
  8. Purses, backpacks, wallets, and briefcases are just some of the items you can purchase in Thailand at unbelievably low prices. These can be bought at stalls, stores, and markets throughout the country. In addition, you could purchase a variety of quality leather products in the region.

These are just some of the items you can buy at surprisingly affordable prices. Once you have bought these items, you can have them displayed them in your residence within the country. If you have not found a place to reside in yet, whether for business or leisure, check out the pages of this portal and find a superb villa that you rent out for your stay.


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