How Important Are Blogs to Search Engine Optimisation?

Google, one of the largest Internet search providers in the world, updates its algorithms every now and then. Among the latest changes made on its website placement scheme is the giving of increased value to blogs in ranking websites. With its goal to find new, fresh content for Web users, it becomes even more imperative for site owners to ensure that the information they post are current and relevant to the needs of their visitors.

For some websites though, this challenge is not an issue at all. For instance, those providing news are constantly supplying their pages with almost real-time articles. But for others, this could be a big problem. Take the case of small online businesses. Many of them only feel the need to update their content if there are new products to sell or special promotions to advertise. The same is even truer for ventures offering a single merchandise, as there is really no need to edit it after the initial set-up.

Today, however, weblogs can come to the rescue of sites hoping to rank in the first few pages of search engine results. And with the help of the right programming, you can arrange for it to show up on the homepage and in other websites you are tying up with. Just remember though that you do not need to place a lot of information every time—just a paragraph or two on a more frequent basis.

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