Securing the Home while Away on a Holiday

For health and personal reasons, most of us have to go on vacation every once in a while. But before you fly off to experience our luxurious Phuket accommodation, you have to heed some home security tips which will protect your residence from unauthorised entry and burglary.

To begin with, secure every possible entryway that a felon can take advantage of. For every major door, install a deadbolt latch; for every window, you can use sliding locks. In addition, put in a metal grate over every glass window pane to prevent entry even when somebody breaks the glass. Also, double-check if the garage doors are sufficiently locked and store any misplaced ladder which can be used by strangers to climb up to your chimney.

Next, include it in your renovation plans to install home security systems because these will go a long way to giving your residence protection. Aside from residential CCTV units, put in ample amounts of lighting around your courtyard and front lawn. Some illuminating apparatus you can use are motion detector lights or floodlights. You can also add protection to your house interiors by putting in smoke and fire alarms.

Finally, make it a rule not to give hints that you are away on a holiday. First, ask a neighbour to park their vehicles on your driveway. Second, request them to retrieve your mail and daily newspaper subscription. Third, pay them to mow your lawn and trim trees and shrubs. If you trust them well enough, you can ask them to stay in your abode while you are vacationing.

When you are done doing all these, you can now confidently fly to Phuket and get pampered in our modern luxury villa.


"Wow! We can really recommend the Villa Zamani. Villa, staff, food, everything is five star luxury. Better than expected, we did not even leave the house during the whole time we were there :-). We will be back! Thank you for everything."

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