Getting You Car in the Right Condition for a Road Trip

If you are in for a holiday on the highway, gear up and get all your things ready for a one of a kind getaway. Prepare your travel essentials, food, clothes, drinks, car accessories, and emergency repair kit several days before your scheduled departure. Most especially, get your vehicle ready for a long drive. Here are the best ways to get your ride in tip-top condition.

1. Two weeks or more before your trip, get any major repairs done. Doing so will give you plenty of time to deal with any problems that may pop up.

2. Check the cooling fluid. This is especially important if the temperature in your destination is a lot cooler or hotter than what you have  at home. If the coolant need to be changed, have it replaced right away.

3. Inspect the tyres for any possible problem. Being stuck in the middle of the road in some deserted highway is surely not your idea of a holiday. So, do not forget to seal the rubbers if they have any breaks. Or most ideally, replace them with a new one. Also see to it that your tyres are properly inflated. Low pressures can hasten the build up of heat and can lead to blowout when driven at high speed.

4. See that the wipers, lights, and other small yet important parts are working. Problematic headlights and a stuck wiper are not something you want to deal with when you are in the middle of a heavy rain in some dark road. So, make sure these are all working perfectly.

5. Check your air filter. More than just bringing you bad air, a clogged filter makes you spend more fuel. So, if they have been in your vehicle for over 10,000 miles, clean or change it before you take a long drive.

6. Clean your car inside and outside. Who wants to get stuck inside a smelly, dusty, and dirty automobile for several hours? Have your car thoroughly cleaned before you set off for your journey.

A successful road trip requires careful preparation, so get your ride ready several weeks earlier. And you should you have decided to spend your holiday in Thailand, book a reservation at Villa Zamani.


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