Exciting Gifts from the Land of Smiles

After a week's tour around this wonderful paradise, did you have enough of the people's warmth and hospitality? Have you jumped off and dove enough to its exciting blue waters and pools? Have you taken enough pictures, and savored the taste of their delectable cuisine down to the last bite? Then, you are now ready to engage in gift shopping for your loved ones back at home. Here are some suggestions which you can purchase at very affordable prices:

Thai Spices

Isn't it wonderful to imagine what it is in Thailand through your taste buds? One gift suggestion is to wrap up a basket full of native spices, accompanied by some recipes and photos of you eating your dishes. This would make your loved ones' mouths water with envy, plus excitement at the thought of not having to imagine it any longer since they can cook through the use of your spices and recipes.

Books and Scrapbooks

There is no other way in relaying vital information about this country than having a book for a present. You might shop online for this or buy at some bookstore during your stay at Thailand.

If you are the creative type and would rather personalise gifts, making a scrapbook is right for you. That scrapbook might contain photos of the sites you have visited, the kinds of people you met along the trip, some odd tree leaf you think is not in your homeland, your first elephant ride, and many more.

Triangle Pillows

To give your recipients the feel of the Thai tradition, give them a Mon Sam Lieung or Mon Thai, also called the Thai Pillow. Not only does this pillow make your loved ones comfortable, but it will also add up to the beauty of their homes.

Thai Alms Bag

A Thai alms bag will surely gladden all your female relatives. Contrary to the idea affected by its name which is an “alms bag,” these bags are in fact intricately designed with elephant patterns and colourful beads.

With all of these suggestions, you will definitely delight your family when you come back home after a very memorable trip.


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