Immersing in Phuket's Ancient Past through its Historical Sites

For every holidaymaker, visiting local attractions is considered one of the highlights of a leisure trip. Missing the opportunity to do so, would probably make your vacation feel quite incomplete. So, when travelling to Phuket, you must check out its tourist spots to fully enjoy what the island has to offer. Considering that it has a wide range of places that you can choose from, you can start by visiting its historical sites. Doing so will give you an insight on the culture and people who make up this amazing holiday retreat. So, which attractions should be included in your itinerary?

Wat Chalong – This temple is located about eight kilometres outside of town. Here, you will find the cast statue of Luang Por Cham, who helped the local people crush the Angyee (Chinese Coolie Rebellion) in 1876, during the reign of Rama V. When you do get to visit, make sure you get a good look of the famous walking stick of the famous monk. Apparently, it has healing powers.

Wat Phra Nang Sang – Its grounds is where the Battle of Thalang took place in 1785. Inside it, you will find old Buddha statues that are known to be the largest in the world and are made of tin. They were also created during the time when the said metal was regarded as a semi precious stone, making the three images iconic in every sense of the word. Moreover, each of their bellies contains smaller sculptures known as the “The Three Kings” in formal language.

Wat Phra Tong – Enshrined inside it is a golden Buddha that is believed to have sprung up from beneath the earth a long time ago, which explains why it is half-buried. Now if you are wondering why no one bothered to fully dig it up, the reason behind is that it is believed that anyone who touches it ends up cursed or dead. Legend has it that a farm boy who tied his buffalo to what he thought to be a post (but what was actually the holy image's conical cap) died shortly afterwards.

As you can see, visiting Phuket and its ancient temples is also a learning experience. It is a form of education that you, definitely, will not soon forget. Of course, it will also not be complete without the perfect accommodation, so make sure to book Villa Zamani!


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