Top Luxury Places for a Holiday

For those who can afford the finer things in life, going on a holiday should only be in the most brilliant locations offering the most scenic views, breathtaking landscapes, the best amenities, and of course, the best shopping experience. These are the most luxurious destinations to relax, unwind, and enjoy life's greatest pleasures.

1. Spain. Boasting of a rich history and one of the best climates, this country will definitely sweep you off your feet. With heart-warming people, a wide choice of first-class accommodations, and the best resorts, it is the perfect spot for sun-worshippers and golf lovers.

2. Dubai. The rise of this magnificent city as a world-class destination is truly astounding. Home to the Burj al Arab, considered the most luxurious hotel in the world, and with exhilarating activities that you will never find anywhere else, it has become the playground for millionaires. Its breathtaking skyline filled with the most captivating modern structures and with the best shopping places that has everything from authentic items to designer brands, Dubai is a must-see haven.

3. Thailand. Dubbed as one of the most visited place in Asia, the Land of Smiles has everything from the best cuisine to the most famous beaches. Creating a perfect balance between culture and modernity, Thailand is the perfect location for those who need a tan and some retail therapy. From resorts to luxury villas, the country has everything for everyone. For villa rentals, visit Villa Zamani.

4. Maldives. Most people dream of having their honeymoon on this magical island, but, only a few get to experience its postcard-worthy beauty. A haven for beach lovers, Maldives is set in the Indian Ocean boasting the most stunning coastline. You can stay on floating villas and cottages for a romantic getaway.

5. Malaysia. Showcasing the best luxury accommodations and the best service, it will definitely please the most discerning traveller. If you want something out of the ordinary, head to Malaysia for an unforgettable trip with nature excursions, fusion cuisine, and of course, shopping. If you want an exotic vacation, visit the country for a memorable experience.


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