Keeping Your Limo Functioning Well Through Proper Care

Luxurious lifestyle involves living in a costly condominium or mansion, going to high class parties, cruising the seven seas by yacht, and  grooving around town by riding on a sleek and shiny luxurious car—your own limo.

Limousines are really expensive, and if you are one of the luckiest to have one, maintaining such is not a joke. The money you used to purchase those wheels will probably be the same amount (or even more) that you would be spending if you do not take good care of it. Since its parts are quite interrelated, neglecting one duty, such as checking the coolant and changing its oil, can cause serious repairs later on. So prevent more expenses by getting some ideas on how to care of your pricey auto.

  • • Get a maintenance schedule from your manufacturer. This is important to detect problems as soon as possible. With this step, keeping your precious machine in good condition will be a sure thing. If there are no existing manufacturer schedules, look for those of repair shops. But try to compare and contrast what comprises their inspection, and make sure that you only approach those that are reputable and reliable.
  • • If you feel that your car needs regular checking and fine-tuning, look for professional auto repair and care shops. You could ask for referrals from friends and relatives. As much as possible, seek the help of those that are licensed and registered to ensure their credibility and legality in operation.
  • • Be on the lookout for poor performance signs, these are:

a. Engine problems like difficulty in starting up, rough stalling or idling, slow acceleration, poor fuel usage, extreme oil use (at least more than one quart in between changes), and ON “check engine” sign.

b. Poor transmission performance due to a disconnected hose or filter.

c. Steering problems like difficulty in steering straight has two causes: misalignment of the front wheels and worn components.

d. Worn-out suspension parts and absorbers.

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