Accessing the Web via Wi-Fi Connection

Booking a weeklong holiday in our luxury villa is a good way to divert yourself from all the stress you suffer at work but, would it not be nice to be catching up with an old friend online as you immerse in our relaxing infinity pool? Now, to do just that, you will definitely need a reliable Wi-Fi signal to give you access to the Internet.
To begin with, you should know that this Web connectivity tool uses radio waves in the same way that mobile phones, televisions, and radios do. Normally, WiFi functions through a two-way radio communication where a computer's wireless adapter translates data into a radio signal and transmits that using an antenna. After such a transmission, a wireless router receives the signal and decodes it and sends the data to your laptop using a physical Ethernet connection.

But, while a wireless local area network (LAN) operates like the radios built in walkie-talkies, they both differ in the following:

  • - A Wi-Fi communication transmit at frequencies of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, which is considerably higher than those used for televisions, and mobile phones to allow its signal to carry more data.
  • - Typically, wireless LAN transmit on at least three frequency bands through a process known as "frequency hop". The aforementioned feature helps reduce interference and allows multiple devices to use the same wireless connection simultaneously.
  • - WiFi or 802.11 networking standards come in different types such as the cheap and slow 802.11b transmission that transmits in the 2.4 GHz frequency band of the radio spectrum and the faster 802.11n, which can achieve speeds as high as 140 megabits per second.

With this Internet connectivity option at your disposal here at Villa Zamani here in Thailand, you can leisurely surf through the Web through your smartphone or netbook whether you are enjoying the picturesque view from our balcony or relaxing in our refreshing spa facility.


"Wow! We can really recommend the Villa Zamani. Villa, staff, food, everything is five star luxury. Better than expected, we did not even leave the house during the whole time we were there :-). We will be back! Thank you for everything."

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