Effective Ways to Advertise a Cleaning Business

Do you need to let the people know that you have a cleaning business? You can implement some creative and effective advertising schemes to encourage potential clients to avail of your services.

First, approach an establishment, such as a villa that you have serviced previously or presently. Ask them politely if you can put some marketing collaterals in their premises. Most likely, the management will be willing to agree to your request but with some limitations. Thus, you can place stand-up banners and flyers in the establishment, indicating that your company cleaned the place. The cleanliness of the villa itself that will speak volumes about the quality of your service. After seeing how tidy and organised the property is, impressed patrons will likely contact you if you can do the same for their homes, commercial establishments, or offices. So, do not forget to include your contact details and the services you offer in your marketing collaterals.

Another way to effectively advertise your cleaning services is to create an online presence. Internet marketing is the wave of the future, allowing you to reach potential customers globally. Place important information such as your business's history, the benefits that the customer gets if he takes advantage of your services, the price of your offers, a portfolio that includes project photos and testimonials of satisfied clients, and a chat room or forum for interaction. To effectively utilise your site's potential, hire a specialist in search engine optimisation to make your site visible or reach a high rank.

Finally, consider running an advertisement in a local newspaper or magazine. You can save money if you buy a publication package that runs for a long period.


"Wow! We can really recommend the Villa Zamani. Villa, staff, food, everything is five star luxury. Better than expected, we did not even leave the house during the whole time we were there :-). We will be back! Thank you for everything."

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