Common Forms of Mass Transportation in Thailand

Thailand is a paradise for those who want to experience the magic and splendour of nature. The country boasts of villas, resorts, and hotels situated in mountains and beaches where you can bask in the tropical sun and enjoy what nature has to offer. Because many of these places are situated outside the city, you need to secure a means of transport to get to these destinations. Fortunately, Thailand has several types of mass transportation that can get you to your destination. In addition, by riding these vehicles, you will also have an insight on how locals move about daily.

If you are starting out from the city or a faraway town, you can ride a songthaew, a common type of share taxi, to your resort. Basically, it is a pick-up or flat-bed truck with two benches bolted along either side of the open-top rear cargo area. To protect the passengers from the sun, a roof assembly is fitted over the area. Sometimes, canvas or plastic curtains are added on the assembly to protect riders from the rain.

Thailand's weather is hot and humid, so if you want a more comfortable ride, you might want to take a vanpool. Essentially, this type is a van or minivan that is used as a means of commercial transport. Because it is closed and air-conditioned, passengers are totally protected from the heat, sun, dust, and wind. Finally, if the resort is within a short distance from where you are, you can ride a tuk-tuk or a rickshaw, to get there. This is a vehicle that sports a sheet-metal body or open frame mounted on a three-wheeled chassis. The driver sits at the front while you sit behind with another person or two.


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