A Bride's Guide for Her Big Day

Preparing for that moment you tie the knot can be both a total bliss and stress. You have to run a lot of errands, appear in countless appointments and juggle a gazillion of things.

However, since you are reading this article, pretty sure you have survived those dramas and dilemmas. You might have finally gotten everything in order and ironed out. And all of the details that you have carefully planned for the past months are probably all in place. Now that you have reached the peak, the only thing left for you to do is to relax and get yourself some beauty rest.

As the big day starts to unfold, you should gear up for a fun and anything-can-happen kind of ride. And in order to make sure that everything goes according to plan, you might want to equip yourself with some emergency kits that can totally be a life-saver.

What should be in your bag?

  •    » Makeup
  • You might need to do a couple of touch-ups before you walk down the aisle and maybe afterwards before you proceed to the reception. This is every bride's secret weapon to look good in every picture (even those completely candid ones).

  •    » Travel Size Sewing Kit
  • You have no idea how a seemingly insignificant little thing like a safety pin can save your life. So, always have this helpful buddy in hand just in case of a wardrobe malfunction.

Is there anything else you should remember?

Looking into your shoes is also a very important task that you should do. Sure, that sky-high pair heels of yours looks great and goes well with your gown but you might also want to consider bringing a more comfortable pair of footwear. This way, you can surely dance the night (or day) away.

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