All about Muay Thai

Originating from the ancient boxing, Muay Boran, Muay Thai is Thailand's national sport. This unique version of boxing uses eight points of contact, including shins, hands, elbows, and knees. This fact has earned it its title-the art of eight limbs.

This type of combat sports is governed by many strict rules. First, during matchups, participants are permitted to wear only boxing shorts that have colours that represent their corners. For instance, players on the blue corner should only wear blue, sky blue, or black garments while the ones on the red side must wear red, pink, or maroon shorts. Second, long hair and beards are also not allowed inside the ring.

Before the start of the first round, fighters on both sides are required to perform a Wai Kru, which means paying respect to the teacher. A special dance called Ram Muay is also performed with accompaniment by Thai traditional music before the sporting event begins.

Regular Muay Thai matches last for five three-minute rounds with two-minute breaks in between. These matchups are usually televised and viewed all around Thailand as a form of sports entertainment.

Some pubs and bars in the country also hosts mini matches inside small rings to entertain tourists. However, for those who want to see tournaments on a more professional level, visiting stadiums is a good option.

To wrap things up, nowadays, because of its fancy but deadly techniques, many martial arts enthusiasts around the world are starting to practice Muay Thai. Aside from that, some international combat sports professionals are even using it to fight against other martial art experts.


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